Let me introduce myself

I'm Fiona and my passion is to empower professional women to make time and space for their health and wellbeing in only 12 weeks

I'm a Naturopath with an absolute passion to take clients on a journey to discover their own wellness blueprint. 

The 12-week Optimal Health Program is focused on supporting professional women who are feeling stressed, struggling with gut issues, fatigue, hormone imbalances and just want to feel better. NOW!!

I have been told I am a good listener. I love to laugh and be surrounded by likeminded people. Mother Nature can help us on a healing journey. Over years I spent lots of money,  put trust in doctors believing that health was complicated and it was just bad luck, everything was normal was the modus operandi for me,  can you relate?

Fortunately some very amazing natural wellness gurus helped me to find a way to back to nature healing and calm. There was an ease in this simplicity and now I practice this everyday. You can too.

Health isn't complicated when you follow my four pillars:

  1. Good Gut Health

  2. Inflammation Reduction

  3. Nervous System Support

  4. Low-tox Lifestyle

Let's get to know each other and let me answer your questions. Please feel free to book a free 30 minute strategy call below, this is your first step to feeling better.

You have tried it all before

Naturopathic Coach, Herbalist and Nutrition Expert

Speaker, Facilitator, Wellness Mentor, Reiki Practitioner


You don't believe being truly well is possible. You feel like that ship has sailed.

You have tried all the things, challenges, programs, quick 'fixes', being told by the doctor that your tests are normal even though you don't feel normal.

You feel exhausted in the morning after lying awake feeling powerless with the messages your body is sending you and the overthinking your mind is consumed with wondering why me?

You have so much going on in  your life and it can be difficult to find clarity among the noise and confusion and this is taking a toll on your mental and emotional health

I know this because this was me. 

Are you ready to find out how feeling well can be simple when you have the right tools and guidance.