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If you have been looking for a way to kick the sugar to the curb, then these 5 recipes are for you! There are so many ways you can upgrade your wellness and improve your life, but today I want to focus on a specific one: the food on your plate. I want to share with you simple, easy recipes that can transform your body and your health. And when you do that, you also transform your mind… Your soul. Your spirit. Your life. And your happiness. It is time to revolutionize your plate. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, and I know from personal experience how much it matters. I learnt a some time ago now that sugary sweet foods actually zapped my energy not boosted it. At first I’d get this quick rush and then came the crash. When I began to exchange the quick burst of sweets to some berries etc. I found I had so much more energy and I balanced my blood sugars. I had a blood test that told me I was headed to insulin resistance and the next stop was Diabetes. That really scared me and I decided I needed to make the changes quick. I also learned the flavours in eating healthy were so much better than the sugary rubbish. With my help you will not count calories, you will not dwell on fat, you will not feel deprived, and you will not be on a “diet”. Instead, you will glow and feel beautiful, amazing, supported, and more alive than you have ever felt before. Let me take you on this journey to raw vibrancy. My passion is helping my clients feel their very best. Fiona xoxo

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