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A Naturopathic Coach (aka Moi!) teaching you everything you need to know about wellness I am not just talking food but also how to live a holistic life balance in your busy world. Say goodbye to diets, learn how to manage your stress and live the life you deserve

Hello abundant energy!

I have put together the best of my training and experience working with my clients over the last 10 years and have come up with my VIP Optimum Healthy Lifestyle Program.
A 12 week Naturopathic Coaching 
experience for the busy professional woman ready to restore her relationship with stress and overwhelm and heal the root cause of her issues

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Over these years I have seen all the different diet theories come and go and come back again. Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free on and on they go!

The truth is we have got enough to think about everyday and let's be honest sticking to the most stringent of diets usually fails. Am I right? We start to sneak the odd contraband food and then feel guilty until we have fallen back into bad habits feeling like a failure. 

In reality what we need, is to know the foods that fuel us and those they don't and it is that simple. I want to show you how to achieve this. And the bonus is when you work with me you are getting the benefit of my naturopathic training (natures healing method) and someone to guide you on the journey over 12 weeks.

OPTimum will help you navigate your wellness journey

Be assured you are will be working with a degree qualified health professional
This is not an ordinary wellness coaching program


Whats included:

Eat right for you

You will learn what foods fuel you and what don't. We do a kitchen facelift, food combining basics, supportive gut health products + more


Lets take some self-care and learn mind body connection techniques: movement, breathing, affirmations, write and burn and release rituals

Hormone Health

Waking up tired in the morning after a full night’s sleep, frequent infections

hypoglycemia, hard-to-explain weight gain or weight loss

decreased sex drive, cravings for sweet or salty foods can all be a sign of hormone imbalance

Recipes and Meal Plans

I have included meal plans and recipes for you and we will go through your likes and dislikes to tailor the meals for you. No need to worry as this is so much easier than it sounds. I have you covered!

Stress Reduction Techniques

Breathwork, meditation basics, simplify your day, letting go when you feel out of control, digital detox

Gut Health Roadblocks

Managing the roadblocks to wellness comes in different forms like stress, malabsorption and its causes, microbiome balance, candida, hormone imbalance

Skin Health

Drawing on my early background as a beauty therapist I have the lowdown on foods for clearer skin, natural anti-ageing tips, and some nourishing topicals for keeping your skin glowing

Navigate travel, parties and restaurants

After all the amazing work you have done over the last 12 weeks I want you to continue your success so my best tips to staying healthy outside your home round off our journey

Digestion, Gut health and de-bloat

I won't get all all technical but I will show you how important gut health is to overall wellbeing and will take a look at food allergies, pre & probiotics, what is a toxic system, healthy poop, alkalinity in health + more

Master Healthy Food Prep

My favourite to keep success going is to teach you the art of meal prep, snacking, how to eat healthy on a budget, prepping foods for easier digestion etc.

Restoring Thyroid Health

They call this little butterfly shaped gland the master controller. I definitely agree and we will explore it's function and what happens when it is not operating optimally

Bonus teachings

We will put this all together into actionable steps to keep it nice and simple with all the benefits of a healthy new lifestyle

How it works

Optimum is by application only and please note that I can only take a limited amount of clients. This way I can give my full attention to participants as needed.

To apply you must first book a strategy call to make sure this program is right for you. Current clients will be approved depending on availability.  

Once approved you will be able to access your materials from your easy-to-use learning platform that works on all devices, including your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Included is:

  • One to One sessions (not a group program)

  • Unlimited email with a 48 hour turnaround

  • Bi-weekly sessions via a secure telehealth

  • Recipes and meal plans

  • Expert naturopathic advice to support healthy change

  • A guided reset and restore cleanse if needed

  • Access to practitioner only quality supplements *

  • Any diagnostic testing needed as recommended *

There are so many wellness programs on the market but this is no ordinary program it is based on naturopathic values and knowledge and you will be guided with a qualified naturopath for the duration.

*At extra cost