Healthy Life with Confidence 
12 week Naturopath Coaching Program

Do you know how many times I’ve been told.........
‘If only I wasn’t so tired and feeling blah, if only there was a simple easy way to
GET BACK MY LIFE I would jump at the chance’

You are one of the thousands of busy professionals struggling with fatigue, weight gain and wanting more energy just to get through the day. Even the simplest of tasks seem to require a major energy draw on you.


There is a bigger picture and its not just diet and exercise.

Suffering from lethargy, tiredness, cold hands and feet, memory issues, low sex drive, constipation, hair falling out,  weight gain, puffy eyes, weak nails and more

Can you hear your body trying to SHOUT out at you to listen!


Not only are you constantly tired, but you are anxious, your pants are getting tight, your joints and muscles hurt and there is this unexplained skin rash appearing.


What if I told you these are all warning signs of a toxic system wouldn't you want to put the brakes on and reverse the symptoms?



Left unchecked, life quality can deteriorate and long term risks of major illness and autoimmune conditions occur of which there are more than 80 - YOU might already have one 

Even your life expectancy can shorten.

Our thyroid, the master controller – the engine room that regulates nearly all our bodily functions becomes stressed and under the pump.

As we age, plus an environment that is toxic to us, causes our cellular energy to deteriorate



Sister YOU need support

We need to apply the brakes and get off this train LADY!




Smoothies, Yoga, Spin Classes,Low-Carb, Paleo etc. etc.

read all the wellness bloggers (BTW most of them have no training)


Spending time preparing meals all night gives you chills at the thought anyway you don't have the energy when you get home but if you could find an simpler way you know you would enjoy cooking 


You hate diets, love cheese and wine, you have an amazing career 


Nothing has worked before and no-one understands how you feel, 

Hi I am Fiona

And I have been there struggling with puffiness, daily exhaustion, freezing my you-know-what off even in summer, my beautiful lustrous hair had started to thin and become dull plus I was low (I’m talking afternoon naps just so I could get the energy to put dinner on the table for my family).

This went on for several years until one day I caught a cold that I couldn’t shift. 

It was then I decided to look for a Naturopath and we tested my hormones (oestrogen, insulin, cortisol and thyroid stimulating hormone etc.) they were all over the place. It was time do something and quick.

By now I had developed several Autoimmune and I needed to reverse them.

With her help and my commitment, we began to turn things around and find the root cause. We needed to  run tests, implement diet and lifestyle changes and support my system with supplements and herbal medicines to allow my body to heal naturally.


I am not going to lie (it wasn’t cheap) but I knew I didn’t have a choice and I couldn’t do this on my own! 


What is your health worth Right?!

Image by Freshh Connection

When I studied for my Naturopathic degree I learnt there are 5 main root causes for all disease

We will delve deep in to find out what is yours and then I will give you the tools to fix these

  1. Leaky Gut

  2. Toxins

  3. Infections

  4. Stress

  5. Poor diet

This program has been 4 years in the making and I wished there was an awesome package like this for me back then and I don’t mean the group programs (in fact this is impossible to run as a group because it is yours, just for you) that are everywhere on the internet promising the world to you via pre-recorded generic videos.
This is your personal program, your BLUEPRINT  designed by me using my Naturopathic training
We need to do testing and get it right otherwise we are waving a finger around and not pinpointing YOUR root cause.
How many of the 'wellness programs' actually have a Naturopath designing an individualized program just for you including practitioner only supplements, testing where needed, with the bonus of weekly coaching calls to keep you on track (call me YOUR personal accountability partner).
When we work together you get ME for the 12 weeks

We will take a detailed case history of past and current illnesses, life events that may have impacted your health, measure your stress levels and begin to uncover patterns that might be contributing.

We will go through your goals to get a crystal-clear understanding of where you want to be and map out how you will achieve this. Don’t worry I wont allow this to feel overwhelming but it is important to get the ground work right if we are going to achieve success!

Over the next 12 weeks I am going to give you simple easy meal plans, set realistic goals, guide you through a gentle whole body cleanse, learn to manage stressors & dig down deep to find any underlying causes that might be contributing to your symptoms.

I know change can be daunting therefore we will have weekly 1:1 Telehealth calls to make sure you are on track, answer any questions and also  where I will mentor you 1:1 to give you the tools to keep your achievement going long after the 12 weeks is finished. Unlike other programs out there this is NOT a group program it is your personalized experience!


this is a holistic program  we cover mind body and spirit to achieve healing.


Did I mention this program will fit in with your lifestyle because I know you are busy and you may even need to travel but don't worry that's where I personalize this one for you

The exact same strategy I have put into fiona chapman 'reboot your energy' system  I had to begin to get my life back. Literally my puffiness disappeared, the fog lifted and I had more energy than I had for years!

No more trial and error, no more being ignored, its time to start your journey and get your life back.

After all you haven’t landed here because you feel fabulous and you certainly wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t want to know more

Let me tell you what to expect in the 
fiona chapman 12 week 

'reboot your energy' system

The Program Outline:

This program has 3 unique phases that I am with you every step of the way and this is what will set you up for your success.

All that you need to do is make the commitment now


Addressing the Immediate symptom/s & support the body

  • You are here for a reason and lets help you get some quick relief

  • We need to build the groundwork here to achieve a lasting change.

  • We will build more energy 

  • There will be nutritious delicious foods on the menu you will learn how well your body responds to foods that support you 

  • There is no deprivation because that never brings long term success

  • I will show you the foods that your body loves and those – not so much

  • Lets get back to what you love and let’s start moving now that your energy is beginning to come back home where it belongs, this is key to longevity and wellbeing


Phase Two – Address the short term drivers

  • I cannot wait to begin this phase because we will be really starting to see improvement and developing the base for your blueprint.

  • We will be working on any dysfunction in the drivers of your symptoms after all this is YOUR program  

  • We are going to continue to build the foundation for your ability to cope with stress 

  • You will learn low-tox living and easy detox tools for the ultimate reset

  • Methods to de-stress and letting go of those things that no longer serve you


Phase Three – Reintroduce & Plan for your future success

  • Here we are going to reintroduce (slowly) some of those foods that have been off the list, implement the strategies you have been learning and setting YOU up for success

  • You are now getting your life back and we need to have a continuing maintenance plan for you so together we can map this out (I am going to check in with you one month after our 12 weeks is up) Lets get these goals in place

  • This is the time to get excited, build on your new adventures to look forward to because you deserve this!

It’s time to get your life back!

 I am here to guide you but I am also here to make sure you are getting the right treatment designed for you.

This will include testing, practitioner only supplements and herbal medicines (Be assured I only use those that have been manufactured with research and evidence behind them and approved by Therapeutics Goods Administration)

That's how I roll

Once you sign up for the program I am there with you supporting, guiding and making sure you know what to do  and I expect that you will give me the commitment as well because that is how we will reach your goals together.

I want you to ask questions when you don’t understand, I want to be there and celebrate your wins, and guide you back if you step off the path momentarily

And when you sign up I give you my commitment for 90 days from the start of the program so you can be guaranteed that you will not feel alone and I will give you gentle nudges along the way so we can overcome any challenges that might crop up

Investment in your health is a priority, it will bring its challenges BUT you know it will be worth it, seeing your family and friends smiling to have the old YOU back

Imagine 12 weeks from now ….

Waking up feeling refreshed, making it through the day with a clear head, knowing when you need to rest and rejuvenate, and enjoying delicious meals that you wonder how your body was ever going to get nourishment from the foods you used to eat.


Are you in?

Remember this is not a group program
So to Recap YOU get:
  • 1 x 1 hour initial Fact-finding session
  • 11 x 30 min weekly follow up 
  • Stress and Mood Questionnaire
  • Healthy Appraisal Questionnaire
  • Detoxification Questionnaire
  • Practitioner only supplements (TGA approved)
  • Mood and Food Diary  
  • Nourishing delicious recipes and Meal guides based on your needs and tastes 
  • Follow Up call 1 month after we finish just to see how you are getting on
  • Foods High in Essential Nutrients List
  • handouts
  • E-Journal to keep you on track

Still wondering if this is the right program for you or need more clarity?

Let's set up a time to talk below