Fiona has a Bachelor of Health Science, specializing in Natural Medicine. She is passionate about helping people that have complicated conditions using the knowledge she has gained from personal experience, education and naturopathic training. Fiona understands what it is like to be frustrated when an illness strikes and yet there are seemingly no answers. Maybe you can relate!

Fiona has suffered autoimmune conditions and understands the daily struggle to maintain health and wellbeing. She has managed to control these but when stress or diet changes it can set off the rollercoaster again. She has a good understanding of how you feel and the frustration when results are not being seen even when there is medical treatment being followed.

She takes the time to listen and takes a thorough case history and then dissects to find the root cause of your illness/imbalance.

Her knowledge is well suited to conditions that are chronic or not responding to conventional treatment. She is currently completing an Oncology treatment support course, where she is learning methods to support those undergoing conventional treatment and would like to enhance their treatment.


In 2013 the course of her journey in the health industry changed with a mystery illness very close to home.

As Fiona and her husband, Mark were getting ready to move interstate, Mark was struck down by an ‘undiagnosed’ condition that sent them on a tumultuous journey for the next few years.

Going from specialist to specialist, having test after test and yet still no further understanding of what was happening. All the tests ‘appear normal’ was a common theme they were told over the next 8 months and yet if they were normal why was Mark now unable to walk on his own without the aid of walking sticks, his weight dramatically plummeting, fatigue and pain were now supposedly a ‘normal’ part of everyday life. In fact, he couldn’t get through a whole day without many naps and working full time became difficult for him.


He was expected to believe this was now how life was going to be. No treatment or solid diagnosis was ever offered through conventional medicine (although everyone agreed it was not normal!).  

Luckily Fiona was not buying into this ‘you’ll just have to live with it’ stuff and she began to go about researching the evidence and devised a treatment plan. Finally, the results were encouraging! Mark began to turn a corner and he started to slowly put on weight, his pain reduced and finally sleep was returning. This process was not a quick one to say the least because when we begin to reteach our bodies to heal, the journey needs to be slow and steady. Fast-forward to today and Mark is almost back to his old self. his weight and energy levels are back to normal and he is back working full-time.

With this experience behind her, Fiona now brings this insight into her practice and employs an investigative approach to her consulting. She is understanding and empathetic to your situation and considers a holistic view when devising treatment. She uses different modalities to her treatment plans including clinical herbal and nutritional medicine, flower essences, lifestyle changes + more.

Continuing Education

2016 Brain Changer Strategies: Natural Solutions for Brain and Gut Health, Melbourne

2016 Pain, Inflammation and Immune driven conditions, Melbourne

2016 Natural Solutions, for Mood, Compulsion and Addiction Disorders, Melbourne

2017 Reprogramming Autoimmunity, Online

2017 Persistent Pathogens: A Focus on Lyme Disease, Chronic Infection and Autoimmunity, Melbourne

2017 Prescribing Summer School: Herbal, Bioregulatory, Nutritional and Tissue Salts, Melbourne

2017 The Secrets to Kerry Bones Clinical Success: Herbal Game Changers and Functional Phytotherapy, Melbourne

2017 Managing the Drivers of Cancer, Melbourne

2017 The Truth about Sugar, Insulin and Obesity, Dr. Robert Lustig MD MSL (USA), Online

2018 Methylation and Mood: Made easy with NUTRIGENOMICS, Melbourne

2018 Endocrine Masterclass: Creating Hormonal Harmony, Addressing the Adrenals, Decoding the Thyroid, Detoxing Endocrine Disruptors, Melbourne

2018 6th Research Symposium Restoring the Balance: Strategies for Managing immune-mediated Dysfunction

2018 Integrative Oncology in Practice 12 month Intensive, Online

2019 7th Research Symposium Mood Genes and Cognition, Sydney

2019 Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A holistic approach to an increasing modern epidemic, Melbourne