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Are you ready to refresh, revitalize and renew yourself, minus all the toxins?

Are you willing to radically change the way you look, feel and fuel?

Isn’t it time you felt fabulous again?

Trust me- I’ve been in your very same shoes. I’m an everyday, ordinary woman just like you, struggling and dealing with fatigue, utter exhaustion, and even weight gain. Except – I ended my struggles, and because I learned how to hit the reset button for a new, healthier life.


Now, you can too. I’m sharing my secrets with you, so you can feel and look your best this Summer.

Get ready to:


  • NOURISH your body

  • DETOX kilos of toxins

  • Feel fabulous again

  • Wake up feeling energized

  • Look in the mirror and love what you see

  • Look great in those skinny jeans and fabulous black heels

Here’s something you need to know. Stress can prevent you from losing weight. When you’re experiencing high levels of the stress hormone, known as cortisol, it creates a vicious cycle of turning overeating into a nasty habit. Talk about a stress roller coaster, right? Burnout and weight gain is no fun. 


  • Falling in love with your body and staying positive about it whenever you step in front of the mirror, curves n’ all.

  • Having the confidence you’ve always dreamed of, so that you can slide into that hot little number, and turn heads at the mall.

  • Becoming the best version of yourself, so that you will achieve a state of wholeness and be your own BFF


Let’s turn that into a reality!


When it comes to wellness, I use an inside-out approach. That’s why I carefully designed a special Summer Healthy Life with Confidence Program to help guide you through the beginning of the New Year and get your life on track so that you will look and feel incredible, and that’s a promise!


Do you want to:

  • Ditch the horrible belly bloat?

  • Get your energy back?

  • Say goodbye to exhaustion and not crash at 3 pm?

  • Release the toxins, making it easy to lose weight?

  • Have glowing, beautiful skin?

This is the solution you’ve been searching for...

●You ditch processed foods, dairy, wheat, soy and sugars that rob us of nutrients and leave us exhausted.

●It’s simple: I’ve laid out all my entire routine, and you can follow it. All you have to do is download a plan to your device, go shopping and prep your meals.

●Let's cleanse your body - love the way you feel in your skin.

Introducing  Healthy Life with Confidence - a Proven Program


The perfect whole foods approach to nourishing your mind, body, and soul.


If you never rid your body from the buildup of toxic stress, you’ll never achieve total wellness, which will prevent you from discovering how amazing you can truly look and feel.


Here’s where you can take back control of your life by kickstarting a life-changing journey. I’ve got your back every step of the way.

Learn my powerful daily health routine to replenish your mind, body and soul - while discovering the simple secrets of my delicious detox approach.


  • Wholesome, yummy and easy to follow recipes to nourish you from the inside-out

  • Change your eating habits

  • Lose weight without dieting

  • Soul-nourishing transformation to feel and look your personal best

  • Increase energy naturally

  • Boost self-esteem and find your inner glow


 You really can have it all when you join my Healthy Life with Confidence

Okay, I’m gonna make a confession... I was you at one time, so I understand exactly how it feels to live a life consumed by fatigue, leaving you depleted and not much fun to be around. But now that you know better, you can do better. Isn’t it time you did something good for yourself? You’re here to live your best life. Make it count!

Today, I know how to hit the refresh button but that wasn’t always the case. That’s why I’m sharing my simple secrets with you, because nothing means more to me than to witness positive transformation in my clients


Ready to step into whole-body wellness?

Of Course You Are!!

Without a plan in place, it’s impossible to set yourself up for success, but that’s where I come in. My powerfully designed program will help you move forward. Best of all, it’s easy to use. Just download a plan to your iPhone, iPad, or desktop, go shopping and prep your meals.


For 21 days, we will focus on YOU.


I want to empower you with the right tools for healthy detoxification so you can improve your immune system in a safe and nourishing way.

Image by Brigitte Tohm

Success is never achieved alone, so that’s why I’m giving you instant access to my FREE support group when you sign up for my program.

Time to say bye bye to diet books, deprivation, starvation diets and all the conflicting info out there, that’ll leave your head spinning.


A whole foods lifestyle is not only life changing, but life enhancing.

This program will gently guide you into eliminating the possible food triggers that may be ruining your health and happiness, and replacing them with tummy friendly foods. And you will feel amazing knowing you have the tools in your busy life to implement. I have done all the hard work. Yes I want to look after you like you deserve!

Image by S O C I A L . C U T
Hear what they are saying

"I really love the breakfast smoothies they keep me full till lunch time! I had sugar on Tuesday (due to lack of options at a breakfast event) and it made me feel immediately awful, heart started racing and a headache arrived in the afternoon! I can't believe these next words are coming out of my mouth but I love the broccoli soup! I think the biggest thing for me is I feel lighter, I feel healthy on the inside and I feel great when I am eating this delicious food. Being organised with the food is really important and makes life much easier as you go through the week."



I have started my Spring detox a little early as I was feeling awful - sluggish, bloated, heavy, no energy

- Why have I never put avocado in a smoothie before, OMG amazingly creamy!!
- The recipes are much yummier than I thought they would be and easy to make.

- I’m feeling fuller than I thought I would.
- I made soup for the first time ever and it tastes good.
- I love, love, love the dry body brushing and tongue scraping. My skin feels so soft. I do the tongue brushing first thing in the morning before I have a glass of water and it's great.
- I'm feeling lighter and less bloated. As of this morning I have lost 2kgs. I haven't been doing any exercise as yet just some light walks each day, I'm going to try and focus on increasing exercise in Phase 2.





"The detox is going well for me even though I decided to start the detox to retrieve a good food balance in a difficult period of life.

I think I eat very healthy most of the time, but because I was suffering from IBS for so long, (thank you Fiona for helping) and then, start feeling better, I was tempted to eat whatever I was avoiding the past year... until I was feeling sick.

I drink much more water !! No cravings and much more energy in the morning !!!

Fiona, the recipes are soooooo yummy 

I’m looking forward to start the phase 2 ! 
I’m also thinking of organising a detox dinner with my friends without telling them !! They will be surprised of how delicious it is

What’s included:


Summer Detox Guide: A step-by-step manual that’s loaded with everything you need to know to detox in a safe and natural way, plus countless physical and emotional support tools that will beautify your body from the inside out.

Recipe Guide: Packed with over X scrumptious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.

Every-Day Guide with Suggested Meals: This will help you stay on track and take the guesswork out of meals during your detox.

Pantry Lists: Let me make trips to the supermarket easier than ever, which makes preparing and cooking for your detox a breeze.

Food Diary: This amazing and beautiful tool will help you keep track of how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program.

Private Group Support: For added accountability and where we share our success, ask questions and I will be in there twice a week for the duration of the program

Daily Message Support:  I’ll be in your inbox daily to provide support and accountability.

Bonus Handouts: Wellness Kit, Daily Meditation Recording

What are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s get your fabulous back!

What makes my program different?

  • It’s virtual, so you can access your materials, the forum, and my coaching during the duration of the program, and do this from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

  • It lays out every step you need to take daily: meals, shopping lists, handouts, and daily detox tools all set out for you.

  • It’s loaded with recipes - more than 60 of them - so you never feel deprived or bored.

  • It was created for busy people who want a concrete plan and a step-by-step guide. I've done all the work for you. Now you just need to come on board.

A life-changing 21-day program worth well over $ 550

but you get it all for ONLY $77

Earlybird is $47 if you act now and book before 12/01/2022!


It’s time to feel fabulous again - rest, refresh, revitalize and rediscover your FABULOUS you!!!


Let’s Get Healthy Together!




Q: Will I be hungry all the time?


Not at all! There are over 60 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there is room for snacks in between. Every meal is delicious and created by a fabulous chef to nourish your body from the inside out. This program is not about starvation or deprivation, counting calories or obsessing over carbs. You will feel satisfied with every bite. If you do get hungry, there are extra snack recipes included!


Q: Is removing all sugar from the diet dangerous?


Sugar, in its refined form, is not a nutritional requirement and essentially robs the body of nutrients and plays a significant role in inflammation and weight gain. There are no known dangers caused by abstaining from sugar (humans lived sugar-free for thousands of years!).  


Q: Will I get bored eating sugar-free foods?


No way! It’s about retraining your taste buds and your metabolism to stop craving sugar with nutritious foods. Sugar cravings are a signal your body craves nutrition. And remember this—sugar is as addictive as a drug! In fact, it is qualified as a drug. While there are some naturally sweet juices and smoothies for you to choose from, you will also be eating delicious (and satisfying!) salads, soups, and even desserts. They will eliminate toxins from your body in a safe and natural way and curb your sugar cravings through genuine nutrition. 


Q: Do I have to take any additional supplements or pills?


Not in this program!! The only supplement I recommend that everyone take daily is a probiotic, and you’ll learn why in this program.  


Q: Can I do this program if I’m pregnant or nursing?


If you are nursing, I suggest that you add at least 4-6 ounces of protein at lunch and dinner, boost your morning smoothie with a scoop of hemp or pea protein, and eat snacks between meals. Make sure you are consuming extra fat and drinking enough liquids. This program is not harmful to pregnant or nursing women, but again, please consult with your doctor before starting this program if you have any health concerns.


Q: How will I feel during the program?


You will be amazed by how healthy and energized you feel!  At the beginning of detox, your body may go through a “cleansing phase” to re-balance itself. It is important to listen to your body through this program, and I will be here to support you with that. I will guide you gradually through exactly what can be done to reduce any unwanted symptoms that may show up. This program is completely flexible because we’re here to figure out what works for YOU! 


Q: I already eat super clean; can I still benefit from this program?


Many people who eat very clean diets can still benefit from a detox program to take their healthy habits to the next level. Introducing new foods gives our digestion time to rest and reset, which can be helpful for anyone regardless of their current eating habits.



Q: I have a medical condition; is it still safe for me to do this program?


While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any other health program.


Note: It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program. This is a clean-eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that cause inflammation and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Start Cleansing Your Body TODAY!