Rosemary Sprig naturopath

Herbal medicines are made from varied parts of plants (seeds, roots, flowers, leaves etc.).

Each part has its unique phyto-therapeutic property and when extracted can be used as a medicine. A Naturopath is trained with the knowledge of this.


Many modern day drugs are based on the individual isolated chemical  constituents in a  plant but are used in a much higher dose than herbal medicine.


Herbs are useful to correct underlying pathology’s such as poor digestion, immune dys-regulation, hormonal imbalance, stress etc. The way in which this happens is like a gentle prod to the pathways of the body.

Herbal medicines have been used as a first line treatment by humans throughout our existence. Many of the traditional herbal medicines are now being rediscovered for fresh new uses as well as the more customary ones. There are a multitude of herbal medicines and the fantastic thing is we can individualise each medicine to suit the individual. 


Herbs can be used as foods, teas and tinctures. We use quality medicines that use the correct part of the plant for the indication needed. So when herbal medicine is needed only consult  a Herbalist or Naturopath as they are trained to know the specifics of each medicine and any contraindications.