Work With Me - Naturopath Consults

 I work with women who are busy, stressed, and feeling tired and wanting to find their energy and better health. This is achieved through supporting lifestyle, nutrition and well-being from a holistic perspective. I use evidence-based nutritional and herbal medicine with important attention on body system support, diet and lifestyle changes.

Work with me in a one-on-one consultation via our online tele-health consultation service(free download via Practice Better).

What to expect: 

During the initial 60 minute consultation with you, I will:

  • ask a range of questions to determine the key underlying causes of your issues

  • give suggestions for you to implement to get you started with some important changes to your lifestyle and diet where needed

  • I will assess your nutritional status, considering various signs such as your tongue, eyes and nails

  • analyse your gut health 

  • consider the influence of your genetics on your health path

  • discuss your commitment to health

  • prescribe the most effective short term relief for you, which may include nutritional supplements or herbal medicine

  • analyse any recent blood tests you are able to provide

  • formulate a plan with you to start taking back control of your life

After your first appointment

Within 24-48 hours I will analyze the details you have given me from our first session and I will send you your personalized wellness plan. We will then book you in for access to any handouts or worksheets, meal plans and get you to fill in a daily journal via Practice Better membership platform.


Any recommended supplements you require are then sent to your nominated address. I will send you shopping cart via email and all you need to do is click through and check out. Your order will arrive within 3-5 working days, depending on your location.



If we need more information I will discuss with you any further investigations using clinical lab testing:


  • OATS test

  • Nutritional status

  • DNA genetic testing

  • Saliva hormone testing

  • Stool Testing

  • Thyroid function panel

  • Hair mineral analysis (toxicity)

Your test kit will be delivered to you with all the instructions. You then post it back to the nominated lab and your results will be sent directly to me for analysis. Your test kit is delivered to your door with detailed instructions. Your sample is posted to the nearest lab, and your results are sent directly to me. We will go through your results together in a consultation where I’ll share my screen with you so you understand every part. You will be able to ask questions as we go through them.

Still not sure?

Why not book into a free 20 minute strategy call to see if we are a good fit