Digestive Health

We perform best in life when our health is at its optimum. Some may never have experienced this and others may have had setbacks. Whatever the case we can  support the body by using holstic traditional treatments like nutritional and herbal medicine to bring the body back into sync.


Gut health is paramount for overall good health, consequently we concentrate on this as a priority. Modern research has shown gut health influences mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Cramping, bloating, reflux etc. are not a normal part of digestive health. If you are experiencing digestive stress I can help by finding what is causing this and then together we can correct it.


A Naturopath follows the philosophy that the method needed is one of a natural, gentle yet effective approach. By following a holistic model we find that the body may recondition itself and begin the healing journey. When comparing an allopathic method to a more holistic one it can take a little longer as the body utilizes the synergistic treatment allowing time to heal.


Naturopaths find that chronic and recurrent health issues respond well to this approach especially in the long term. If you have a current practitioner we can work alongside these treatments but either way we will approach this from a preventative holistic model.


The foundation of our Naturopathic mission is to employ a preventative approach and deliver care for acute and chronic conditions