Healthy Veggie Treats

As a naturopath we realize a serious problem facing the modern world is a lack of nutrition even though there is an over consumption of ‘food’.


There are many factors contributing to the lack of absorption of proper nutrition,

  •  genetic make-up 

  •  lifestyle 

  •  viral infections

  • intolerances 

  • allergies  

  • highly-processed food                                                                                                                                    

Our energy comes from nutrients we consume, therefore

if we are depleted we feel the effects.


Basically if your foods are nutrient depleted and/or

you're not absorbing them you will feel less energy and

be prone to more health diseases.


The good news is the naturopathic nutritionist uses fresh whole foods and supplements that help to nourish and re-establish an ideal nutritional status vital for your overall good health.


The aim being to provide effective changes that are sustainable and support you to make the changes needed for long term vitality.