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Healthy Life 12 week program



Enjoying food with EASE and CONFIDENCE, knowing the meals are NOURISHING and fueling your ENERGY.

Learning how to do this EFFORTLESSLY and importantly living a HOLISTIC life balance in your busy world.

Making this ENJOYABLE for not just you but also your family.

Having FUN learning ways to DESTRESS and letting go of the overwhelm that has been holding you back.

Love the new RESTFUL sleep once you have a routine that fits like a glove into your life.

Easily making a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE for good.

Hello abundant energy!


Miracle cures and quick fixes? They don’t work long-term.


Especially when it comes to the health of your body’s second brain—your gut.

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Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Did you know that the health of your gut will make or break your overall health?


Truth is—if your gut health is suffering, every system and organ in your body is going to be just as weak.

As a busy professional woman you set the example to those around you, on a good day your energy feels like it hit a brick wall.

You get through the day just barely, only to come home and collapse on the throne that is your couch.

Smashing that cake and coffee to beat the afternoon slump, well let's face it - is not a long lasting strategy to get abundant energy!

You WISH that you could meet the world with calm confidence, but you FEEL like crawling into a cave and hibernating but there are deadlines to meet and people relying on you for a decision.

The worst part about feeling drained all the time is that the awesome person you are on the inside doesn’t get to shine through as much as they should!

PS. you’re awesome and deserve to feel that way too.

Diet theories come and go and come back again. 

You have got enough to think about everyday and let's be honest sticking to the most stringent of diets usually fails.


In reality what you need, is to know the foods that fuel and those they don't, how to reduce your stress and live your Optimal Healthy Life

It is that simple.

If you are wanting a glass of wine with the girls, Why not! Learn how to be able without depriving yourself.

Eating out should be an enjoyable experience not a chore.

You’re WORTHY of the best that life has to offer. And while your cheese addiction might tell you it’s the best, the truth is (and you know this) that you can do so much better.

This personalized program helps you learn which foods SERVE your amazing body and which foods harm your body because believe it or not, just because it’s “healthy,” doesn’t mean it’s the right food for you. 

For example

Those hard-boiled eggs you love? Could be the source of your loose stools. Fabulous, isn’t it?

That green roughage you’ve been chowing down on? Could be the reason your stomach is always in cramp mode.

Those powdered “health” shakes you drink? Could be loading your body up with harmful bacteria and chemicals.

But don’t worry there is a solution for you.

Stress and overwhelm doesn't need to be your modus operandi.

I will show you methods to manage day to day stress and overwhelm that lies there, underneath the surface chipping away at you. Stress can be linked to a poor immune system and those colds and viruses are lurking just waiting for the right time to appear.

I found Fiona to be professional but personable and I've felt very comfortable with her during our appointments. My treatment plan has helped me immensely so far- I was thrilled to notice such a difference in such a short period of time. Fiona was very considerate of my lifestyle and routine, adjusting my treatment plan to suit my specific preferences and needs. Highly recommended! 


What they are saying

I’ve been seeing Fiona on and off for over two years now and she has helped me greatly. I highly recommend her as she is very knowledgeable, caring and checks in on her clients. Thanks Fiona :)

- Maddie

"The detox is going well for me even though I decided to start the detox to retrieve a good food balance in a difficult period of life.

I think I eat very healthy most of the time, but because I was suffering from IBS for so long, (thank you Fiona for helping) and then, start feeling better, I was tempted to eat whatever I was avoiding the past year... until I was feeling sick.

I drink much more water!! No cravings and much more energy in the morning !!!

Fiona, the recipes are soooooo yummy 

I’m looking forward to start the phase 2! 
I’m also thinking of organising a detox dinner with my friends without telling them!! They will be surprised of how delicious it is "

- Clem



So what DOES work?

Learning the foods that fuel you, so you are performing at your Optimal Health. Looking after yourself so that you have more energy to make it through the busy day ahead. And instead of needing cake and coffee to get over the afternoon slump you will be fueling your body to achieve VITALITY you've only dreamed of.


There is no one magic cure for anyone...especially when it comes to your health.

Citrus Fruits

You will get the best of my training and experience using proven methods with clients just like you since 2011.

Your CONFIDENCE soars when your consciousness knows you’re truly doing the best you can to nourish your WHOLE being.


If you are ready to RESTORE your relationship with foods that fuel.

If you are ready to manage your stress and overwhelm.


Taking back your health is a revolutionary act of love for yourself and for the planet.

All of this can be yours the minute you choose to COMMIT to your health, and to living a vibrant joyful life.


Optimal Healthy Life is systematically designed  with a thorough, natural and damn delicious approach to giving you the tools to navigate your wellness journey with the support of an expert

Whats included:

Eat right for you

You will learn what foods fuel you and what don't. We do a kitchen facelift, food combining basics, supportive gut health products + more.


Lets take some self-care and learn mind body connection techniques: movement, breathing, affirmations, write and burn and release rituals.

Hormone Health

Waking up tired in the morning after a full night’s sleep, frequent infections

wonky blood sugar levels, hard-to-explain weight gain or weight loss, low sex drive, cravings for sweet or salty foods can all be a sign of hormone imbalance. 

Recipes and Meal Plans

You will receive suggested meal plans and recipes and we will go through your likes and dislikes to tailor the meals for you. No need to worry as this is so much easier than it sounds. I have you covered!

Stress Reduction Techniques

Breathwork, meditation basics, simplify your day, letting go when you feel out of control, digital detox. Because stress directly impacts our health and wellbeing.

Gut Health Roadblocks

Managing the roadblocks to wellness comes in different forms like stress, nutrient deficiency and its causes, microbiome balance, candida, hormone imbalance. You might be surprised to know how many things can get in the way of our wellbeing.

Skin Health

Because I started my career as a beauty therapist I have the lowdown on foods for clearer skin, natural anti-ageing tips, and some natural nourishing topicals for keeping your skin glowing. 

Navigate travel, parties and restaurants

Toward the end your program I'll be sharing with you the best tips for socializing, travelling and enjoying your best life for continued success.

Digestion, Gut health and de-bloat

I won't get all technical but we'll show you how important gut health is to overall wellbeing. We'll take a look at food allergies, pre & probiotics, what is a toxic system, healthy poop, alkalinity in health + more.

Master Healthy Food Prep

To keep success momentum  going I will share with you the art of meal prep, healthy snacking, eating healthy on a budget, prepping foods for easier digestion. it is easier than you might think.

Restoring Thyroid Health

They call this little butterfly shaped gland the master controller. I definitely agree and we will explore it's function and what happens when it is not operating optimally.

Bonus teachings

We will put this all together into actionable steps to keep it nice and simple with all the benefits of a healthy new lifestyle.

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Happy Plant Owner

What You Will Get

You and me 1:1 for 12-weeks to explore and create your own Optimal Healthy Lifestyle.

First we need a strategy call where we can see if we are a good fit and map out what else you might need. 

Then once the decision is made you will receive your resource materials fortnightly  prior to our 1:1 sessions.

You will be able to access your materials from your easy-to-use secure learning platform. 

Included is:

  • 6 x Personalized fortnightly sessions via a secure Telehealth call.

  • Unlimited messaging with a 48 hour response in business hours (Mon-Fri AEST).

  • Personalized suggested meal plans with recipes.

  • Naturopathic advice from me

  • Weekly guides for each module

  • A guided reset and restore cleanse if needed

  • Recommended supplements where needed

  • *Access to practitioner only quality supplements 

  • *Any diagnostic tests needed as recommended  

The truth is you’ll never know how bloody amazing it feels to be free and clear of toxins until you try.

It’s time to get strategic in letting go and ditching toxins and chaos for nourishment on every level.


Strictly limited numbers

*At extra cost