Goal Setting

Goal Setting

It’s the New Year and we all like to set a ‘resolution’ for the year ahead. This year it got me thinking how many times have I set a goal to achieve and how long before it slip back to the old. Personally I like to use the word dream. You see it is possible to turn dreams into reality! Dream is a more romantic word than goal it conjures up images of soft, gentle clouds, cute fluffy bunnies and misty mornings awakening across a velvety green meadow all in its perfect innate timing. Goal on the other hand, for me seems more brutal as I imagine a ball being roughly kicked around a field whilst onlookers scream and yell back and forth with half and full time limits. Not conducive to the ever changing nature of day to day living. No! We need to more flexibility and patience so for now the word dream is for me.

Whatever the word you choose there are some guidelines that to follow to achieve your end result. For some this can be a struggle so here are three things that are needed to set the foundation:

The 3 C’s

  1. Conviction

  2. Consistency (time dedicated to action)

  3. Communication (let others know you need their support)

Another important key element is to make sure it is your dream/goal that you want to achieve not somebody else’s. Make sure it is authentic and specific to you, don’t be disheartened when seeing your social media friends achieving their dreams (that’s exactly what they are theirs), remember that you also have importance and are on the road to achieve. Social media can sometimes confuse us as we watch our ‘friends’ travel the world or get promoted etc. but remember this is not your reality and you don’t need to compare it as this will get you lost on your own journey (thats another discussion).

Once you have decided on what it is you want to achieve its time to find out why you chose it. This is important if you want to achieve

For example: what is the reason, what is your ultimate outcome, you know the real principle behind it. Once you have the true purpose behind it you will feel a sense of connection (no matter how big or small). You don’t need to explain, convince or discuss your reasons with anyone because it is yours and you chose this, that is what gives it purpose.

Plan for success: Write down your dream/goal! Then break it down to smaller achievable targets. It could be 7 day plan, 14 day, 28 day 2 month or more by breaking down and following up weekly it will be real. Writing it down is important it makes it genuine when you physically see it. Surround yourself with peeps that will support your idea and help you along the way. We are constantly amazed at how some of our special people will be supportive when you break it down into simple specifics.

Just remember to be consistent and constantly review and update as needed. Pick a specific day each week and go over your plan and adjust accordingly.

YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! I know you have! Luck has no part in the situation it is all down to the planning and following up. So what are you waithing for?

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