These beautiful premium bath salts are a blend of two salts, green clay and essential oils to give the ultimate relaxing and detoxifying bath. No bath, no problem use them as a foot soak to absorb the nourishing minerals to obtain the amazing benefits.

Our combination uses Natural Epsom salt that calms the nervous system whilst providing the much-needed magnesium and sulphates and is very trans-dermal meaning it is readily absorbed through the skin into the body.  

The second salt is organic sodium bicarbonate that has been used to relieve tired muscles, relaxation and neutralize lactic acid build-up. Bonus: it also softens and deodorises skin allowing the other ingredients to be more readily absorbed.

Green clay has been added for the extra ‘sucking out’ of the impurities. But how does this happen?  Well the molecules in the clay are negatively charged and because most of the impurities have a positive charge they attract to each other with the clay acting like a magnet. This way those impurities are washed away.

Finally, the blend of essential oils has been added to give that luxury as well as having gentle detoxifying actions, so just sit back relax.


*Not to be taken internally