Detox Water

Cucumber and Cayenne Detox Water

It has long been the backbone of naturopathic belief that a toxic load is at the core of many diseases. Naturopathic practitioners use methods such as herbal medicine, skin brushing, nutritional supplementation and dietary guidance with cleansing foods to support the body back to health. If you are feeling that you are not performing at your optimum, it might be time to seek some guidance from your Naturopath.

It is no surprise the world is becoming more toxic than ever before. We are exposed to industrial chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and radioactive elements to name a few. These can take a toll on our systems demonstrating detrimental effects that can present as disease. Some examples can be hormonal dysfunction, not just reproductive hormones but adrenal and thyroid as well. We are breathing and ingesting toxins every day. Toxins can accumulate in different organs and tissues of the body especially lipid (fat) deposits. These unfortunately store and build through our natural life as the body alone has minimal ways to rid these from the fat tissue. It is therefore feasible that these may contribute to a range of common disorders including some of the common cancers which originate in fatty tissue, neurological disorders, autoimmune conditions etc.. There are several methods in which a practitioner can measure toxic load (hair,urine etc.) and then be able to develop a 'detox' plan to help rid the body of the stubborn build up.

Teas and infusions may be beneficial in a maintenance or prevention programme and are easily made at home. Detox waters are another way that may benefit and are an ideal alternative to the sugary drinks and yes even those ‘diet’ drinks all of which are toxic to the system.

Some signs of a toxic overload can include:

  • Headaches

  • constipation/diarrhoea

  • bloating/tummy fat

  • tired/fatigue

  • skin issues

  • cravings

  • nausea

  • mood swings

  • bad breath

Detoxing can help support the liver with ridding the body of the toxins, increase energy, aid weight loss/gain, stimulate skin health and enhance mental alertness. So why not include detox waters