Going on a holiday? Read on for some travelling tips

Tips to stay health on your next holiday

Lets face it you’ve earned a holiday but how do you make sure that you stay healthy and enjoy it?

It’s a time to explore, relax and rejuvenate. A time for travelers to experience the sights, sounds and culture of the destination without the normal everyday stresses of everyday life. It is a unique opportunity to indulge in wonderful local drinks and cuisines. Unfortunately, sometimes this can cause worry as you think about balancing a healthy lifestyle with all that fun.

There are some tips to help with finding the right balance making your holiday guilt-free. Healthy habits can be incorporated into your holiday whether you are in a busy city or a remote village location.

Staying active

A good start is to use the best transport available to you, it’s free, you don’t have to wait in a line and it always there. Yes, that right I like to call it “the foot falcons”, of course walking. This is a great way to really take in the sights and there are many places that have locally guided walking tours. Try to take stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Get