The Best Winter Salad You Will Ever Eat

You don’t often read winter and salad together, but I’ll tell you this is the secret to staying happy and nourished all winter long. Raw vegetables are rich in enzymes and vitamins that are easy to absorb and make digestion a breeze.

Sticking to seasonal vegetables for your winter salads is challenging, but not impossible. Both beetroots and kale are hearty winter vegetables that retain their tastiness and nutritional worth even through the harsh winter months. Pair with that some healthy fats from avocado and vitamin C from fresh lemons and you’ve got yourself a salad fit for a queen in the middle of June!

Here’s my absolute favourite winter salad recipe.

Chopped Red Beetroot Salad

Serves 2

1 to 2 large beetroots, steamed (OR use BPA FREE canned beetroots in water)