Vitamin D and Your Thyroid

Vitamin D and Your Thyroid

There is a secret collaboration between vitamin D and your thyroid that you may not even be aware of. Not only do the receptors for vitamin D and the thyroid hormone look uncannily similar but these receptors are actually found in the thyroid gland.

Why does this information matter to you?

The thyroid gland impacts a wide range of areas within the body such as the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and skin. It may also be the culprit behind your persistent weight gain, constipation, thinning hair, and infertility.

It is important to understand the integral relationship between vitamin D and your thyroid: low levels of vitamin D may cause thyroid diseases such as Graves' disease and thyroid cancer.

How does vitamin D preserve the thyroid?

A study published in the Scientific Journal in 2015 (Sayki Arsalan, M. et al) wondered the same thing. Their study looked at healthy people who had only one thing lacking – a deficiency of vitamin D. They found that lower levels of vitamin D resulted in a higher risk of the antibodies found in autoimmune thyroid disorders that turn the immune system against itself by throwing it out of balance. These include Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease, both of which run the risk of developing into thyroid cancer.

The reason why this study stands out is that all other factors were kept constant and ambiguous; it only focused on the relationship between vitamin D deficiencies and the ris