My 5 Awesome tips to Surviving the ‘Silly Season’

.......without giving up the things you love

Can you believe we are bearing down on that time of year again? I look back over the year and wonder where the time went. Have I achieved everything I wanted and what do I need to do to get things moving that were left on the to do list.

For some reason the anxiety begins to creep in when feeling you haven’t ticked all the boxes of the things you wanted to get done. Its as if the world comes to an end on the 24th December and doesn’t start again until sometime in January. Do you feel like this?

Well what if this year I give you 5 awesome tips to help you navigate through this busy period without feeling stressed and anxious. (You’re Welcome!). After all it’s a time to celebrate and reward for all you have done during the year. Plans begin for next year and if you are lucky enough to have some time off from work you probably want to go on leave knowing that everything is set to start the new year off smoothly. After all you don’t want to come back and destroy the beautiful break you had.

There’s no time like now to get STARTED NOW to avoid the overwhelm you’ve felt in the past coming into the festive season

1. BREATHE. I know it sounds basic but really this is important. When you begin to feel the overwhelm creeping up just take a few minutes to STOP and take some deep breaths that will calm you straight away. A great tip is to learn the use of the word NO. Learning to say no to those that are literally sucking the life out of you (you know the ones that you feel the hairs on your neck begin to stand up when they call for a favour) as much as it is awesome to