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Fiona Chapman Naturopath

Hell0 Wellness Seeker

With a background in naturopathy, nutrition, Results coaching, and being a business owner, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my clients to build a successful work-life balance.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Your Personal Invite to Work with Me

I overcame chronic illness and burnout and now I am deeply passionate about holistic wellness and supporting others on their healing journeys.

My journey started when I was just a little girl always struggling, missing days from school, constant tonsilitis, stomach issues, coeliac and dairy intolerances. My energy was always poor, I couldn't keep up with my friends as we grew. If I ever had a late night I would end up sick in bed sometimes for a week or more.

I always understood the importance of work-life balance and the impact it has on overall well-being. Coming from a family of business owners, I witnessed the toll of long hours and burnout.

My husband dedicated long hours and endured frequent travel while working for an employer in a family business.  Motivated by a desire to escape burnout, we decided to venture out on our own and establish our own company.
Our entrepreneurial journey led us to prioritize a healthier work-life balance and discover the joy of being business owners. This experience taught me the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing life balance.
In the late 1990s, my husband employed a business coach, I thought this was just a waste of money however we began to recognize areas needing to change, such as setting boundaries and achieving a work-life balance. This turning point proved to be significant, both in my career and personal life. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and the positive impact it had.


                             "My energy was always poor,

                         I couldn't keep up with my friends"

Since then, I have continued to invest in my personal growth by working with Business, Life, and Wellness coaches across various fields. Through my studies in Naturopathy and Nutrition, I realized I could assist busy, work-oriented individuals in finding and experiencing a harmonious balance in life. The realization led me to help other professionals prioritize their well-being while juggling their professional commitments.

I believe that each of us possesses the power to make the necessary changes with the right guidance and support. With the proper resources and encouragement, we can transform our lives, overcome challenges, and achieve balance and fulfilment.

Together, we can tap into our inner strength, unlock our potential, and create positive, lasting change.

My life's purpose is to uplift and guide as many individuals as possible to live happy and healthy lives. I am deeply committed to assisting you in integrating all the essential components that lead you to a fulfilling work-life balance and conquering the grips of burnout. When you join me, you will embrace self-care, set boundaries, and nurture your holistic well-being.

Experience the ripple effect of positivity as your employees delight in working alongside you. Achieving a fulfilling work-life balance means creating space for the people and the self-care in your life.

If you're ready for a work-life balance that fills each day with excitement, I am genuinely honoured to accompany you on this journey of discovery.
With my guidance and support, let us navigate the path to finding harmony and fulfilment in both your personal and professional spheres. You deserve a life that brings you joy and excitement every day without burning out.

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