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Detox before the winter months

Our bodies are designed to naturally detoxify our cells and organs. There is constant activity going on within our bodies as we go about our daily lives. Unfortunately, there is many toxic substances in our environment and diet making our system overloaded. This is when it might be time to engage in a program to give a gentle nudge to support our bodies rid the toxins we have accumulated. Think of it like an internal cleansing just like we brush our teeth or wash our hair.

Some of the substances that can build up are alcohol, drugs and medications, preservatives and additives, pesticides, micro-organisms, heavy metals to name a few.

Let me explain a bit further on the basic process that we undergo when our body is naturally detoxing. As you may know our liver is the main organ to detoxification in our system and there are two phases in which this happens. In Phase 1 lipid soluble substances are converted into intermediate substances via enzymes called cytochrome P450. Sometimes this process may make the substance more toxic or reactive than they were before, therefore phase 2 will need more support. This is where the substances are then changed into water soluble elements with the support of amino acids making it easier to excrete them through the stool, sweat and urine (& to a lesser extent the lungs). These elimination channels also need support to encourage detoxification. There are nutrients involved in this process and if they are not being properly utilised by the appropriate organs a toxic build up can occur.

Now there are some simple things we can do to ease the burden on our body by avoiding some of the substances I mentioned before but sometimes we need more support and this is where your healthcare practitioner can help. By eating organic foods to avoid chemicals, drinking filtered water (and at least 2- litres/day), reduce or eliminate alcohol intake, reduce or quit smoking will be beneficial. And a really great way to support the body is to embark on a detoxification program with your health professional. A program is designed to support your organs of elimination so that these toxins present can be metabolised and excreted efficiently. An effective program can yield benefits to how you ultimately feel energised and revitalised. The Holistic Apothecary offers 6-week detoxifications programs.

Fiona has a Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy)

Information is not intended to diagnose or treat. Please consult with your health care practitioner before undertaking any advice enclosed within.

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